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This free Pick 3 system is as old as time… it’s been rehashed many times over and now found a way to be sold over the internet for anywhere from $9 to $29 and many are selling it. There’s also a free pick 4 lottery system version but that isn’t here. It’s of no real use to any pick 3 or pick 4 player really. If you stumble upon an ad or webpage hailing play 8 numbers and you are guaranteed to win pick 3 lottery then read each word carefully. It may be this…

“Amazing Secret System Guaranteed to Increase Your Chances
of Winning Pick 3 by Over 90% Playing Only 8 Numbers a Day!”

The “Super Secret Pick 3 Lottery System” is absolutely free! The number being drawn cannot be a pick 3 double or a pick 3 triple, all digits must be unique 3 digit number such as (872) or (519). It works on any Pick 3 game and it is 100% legal to implement it. It guarantees that if the numbers drawn are NOT pick 3 doubles or triples you WILL hit 2 out of 3 numbers each and every time you play. Here are the numbers to play…

308 – 719 – 843 – 175 – 283 – 659 – 024 – 716

You can switch the numbers around if you want to. Example, you could play (179) as (791) it doesn’t matter.

The end result is that you are 100% GUARANTEED to hit TWO out of THREE winning pick 3 numbers IF the pick 3 winning number isn’t a pick 3 double or a triple. Sounds too good to be true? Well, it works on pick 3 lottery games!

The only problem is, you don’t win pick 3 cash from 2 out of 3 winning numbers unless playing pick 3 pairs

I guess you get what you pay for. On the face of it, it sounds like an amazing secret pick 3 lottery system but it’s been around for many, many years and now being sold on the internet. So read all those $9 pick 3 systems and strategies carefully.

My pick 3 strategies and systems are nothing like this, see the pick 3 winning numbers