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As a serious Pick 3 player I have learned ‘when’ the time is right to play, I can teach you the very same skills very quickly, in fact after reading my book you will know when to play and more importantly when not to play so you can save your hard earned cash for hard hitting days. Last week I won 13 times in ONE day. Is that unusual? No! The day before I won 11 times in ONE day. And you can do it too.

Pick 3 Lottery Strategy

After years of examining, testing and trying different so-called ‘systems’ to win Cash 3 I decided to create my own system based upon all that I know. One night it came to me, something so obvious, so simple, that I couldn’t wait to try it out. Yes, it really was that simple. Gone are the days of computer programs which claim they can predict numbers. Gone are the days of spending 3-6 hours a day on pencil and paper workouts. Gone are the days of wheeling numbers. My system takes less than three minutes per day and all you need is the ability to see numbers in a different light. You don’t need pen and paper. You don’t need a computer and you can throw those wheels away! Yes, it really is this simple.

Pick 3 Secrets

My secret system has been tested in all States that have 3 ball games, such as Cash 3, Pick 3 and daily 3 both in the United States and Canada. It really does produce winners and in as little as 24 hours. All the hard work is done and the way I figure it is this, I can share it with other Cash 3 Players and it won’t hurt me one bit. There’s enough cash to go around for all of us, especially if you don’t play in those few pare-mutual States where the winners share the prize money. That’s why I will show you the best States to play in, one is Florida, paying out $500 for a $1 straight win, in CASH the same day you play.

I even show you two sites that allow you to play Daily lotto games in ANY State, right from home. Not sure of the legalities involved in doing that though, but the web address is yours, free! I heard they pay out up to $900 for a $1 straight hit.

Pick 3 Results

I thought I would never share my system. I fully intended to keep it a secret. But I am selling it as I can make a lot of money from it, even with a very low price which I believe most Pick 3 lottery players can afford, $49.95 I was so excited writing the book, I wanted to show you in easy-to-follow format providing step-by-step examples how you can recognize a particular event and if you don’t see it, don’t play. Don’t worry, you will see it happen several times each month and you’ll instinctively know, it’s time to strike. Sure, there are no guarantees. Nobody, not even me, can guarantee you will win the lottery. But, with my insider Pick 3 and Cash 3 lottery secrets, step-by-step examples, you stand a better chance of winning and you will see this for yourself.

The Pick 3 Warrior” ($49.95)
New 2012 version V1.99 includes a FREE simple strategy to play and win the Pick 4 Lottery, but only for a limited time. The Pick 3 Warrior is the foundation for all you need to know to increase your chances of winning the Pick 3 and Cash 3 lottery games. It teaches you how to ‘view’ the game and how to unlock it in 3 minutes flat, guaranteed! NOT recommended for use on the Canadian or other slow games with only one Pick 3 or Cash 3 draw per day.

The Pick 3 Warrior $49.95

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